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Assistant Professor of Women's Research Institute of Alzaahra University




Context and Aim:

Among the crimes agonizing human communities in modern age were crimes that were perpetrated by ISIS groups in Syria and Iraq against women and children .During years of their ruling in those occupied lands Iran led by Martyr Soliemani, offered unique services to help safeguard the security of the citizens in those areas. In addition to the many violences that ISIS inflicted on civilians in the areas under its sovereignty, such as barbaric and mass killings, looting, enforced disappearance, mental and physical torture, food and drug sanctions, committed heinous and unprecedented crimes against women and children that the most important of which are: enslavement and trafficking of women and children, rape and sexual violence, ethnic and religious cleansing and compulsory recruitment of children for use in armed.

This is while, ISIS crimes against women and children have been a part of this terrorist group's strategy, as a weapon and war tactic to create terror, humiliate and crush people's resistance, so that ISIS managed several media to spread these tragedies. ISIS leaders not only put crimes against women and children on their agenda for military purposes, but also used the trafficking of women and children as one of the financial sources. In addition, ISIS brought to the fore a new model of abuse of women under the name of Jihad Nikah. That in many cases, it was a clear example of human trafficking. Jihad Nikah was a title for the exploitation of women, which mainly through seduction and deception by abusing the religious feelings of women who had extremist thoughts, caused terrible tragedies. What intellectual and emotional degeneration has happened in these women that they suffer hardships to be part of a group that is responsible for crimes against women and children, and they willingly work to advance the crimes of ISIS.

Research Method: The following article is a descriptive study that seeks to explain the crimes of ISIS against women and children, the role and impact of the actions of Martyr Soleimani and his allies in overthrowing the ISIS government in Iraq and Syria and fighting ISIS crimes and his influence on maintaining the security of women and children in areas controlled by this terrorist group are studied. The harsh fact is that in International written works and documentaries we have witnessed distortions of existing realities related to the efforts of Martyr Soliemani, that is why the authors have decided to state some of the most important crimes committed by ISIS against women and children and to relate the role of Martyr Soliemani in defying their outcomes based on global authentic sources.

Findings and Conclusion: The fact is that terrorist acts and violent ideology of ISIS and its severe, systematic and widespread attacks on civilians, especially women and children, was a global threat to international peace and security. This terrorist group committed heinous crimes with gross violation of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law that many of which included war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide and it hurt and disturbed the minds of the international community. In between, Martyr Qassem Soleimani made a detailed plan to deal with the enemies, immediately after the official invitation of the governments of Syria and Iraq. His goal was to preserve the honor of the nations of the region and saving them from the rule of criminals and terrorist and violent extremist groups, especially ISIS. He freed many cities from the capture and occupation of ISIS, and freed many women from sexual slavery by using strong war tactics and activating political diplomacy and mobilization of popular forces. The efforts of the resistance forces under the leadership of General Soleimani in liberating the areas and freeing women and children from the , were so effective that many Western media announced: "Suleimani and the Iraqi militias he commands have played a key role in halting ISIS" and the US general Stanley McChrystal wrote:“Suleimani is arguably the most powerful and unconstrained actor in the Middle East today,”

Martyr Soleimani carried out numerous and successful operations and played an influential and decisive role in liberating many areas under ISIS control in Syria and Iraq. In addition to saving many women and children from continuing the heinous crimes of ISIS, he prevented the occurrence of many more crimes against other women and children in the Middle East region and also prevented the occurrence of war in Iran.

Because according to admission of Ms. Tabatabai (senior Advisor at U.S. Department of Defense): "ISIS represents one of the most significant threats to Iranian national security since the end of the Iran–Iraq War." and the possibility of ISIS terrorists spilling over to inside this country was very high, insofar as movements of ISIS forces were observe on the borders inside Iran.


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