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1 Director of Distance Education Ministry of Education

2 Development and Foresight Research Center

3 Professor at Tehran University



Women's entrepreneurship is increasingly important for creating new jobs and contributing to the social and economic growth of their communities, however, the mutual influence and nuances of women's entrepreneurship and culture are less studied. Globally and especially in upper middle income countries, women make up about one third of successful and innovative entrepreneurs focused on national and international markets. Almost half of them are also involved in the wholesale/retail sector and a fifth in the public sector and social services (18.5% of women vs. 10.1% of men). Studies show that there is little cultural support for female entrepreneurs and less successful female founders are celebrated as role models. The purpose of this research is to obtain a framework regarding the impact of cultural attitudes on the social development of women's entrepreneurship.In this research, consolidated studies and a combination of the results of research conducted in the field of women's entrepreneurship development based on cultural attitudes. has been studied. Based on this, in the current research, the total number of articles searched related to the topic is 1547 articles between 2010-2021, of which 305 articles were selected and 17 articles were included in the analysis basket in accordance with the standard protocol, and this analysis basket was analyzed to acceptable values. By applying the meta-analysis method and using the comprehensive meta-analysis software CMA2, this research has examined the correlation coefficients and statistical samples of the previous studies. The values used in the statistical tests in the hypotheses have been analyzed after being converted into the effect size. Based on the effect size (1.345) there is a positive and significant effect between cultural attitude and the development of women's social entrepreneurship, which according to Cohen's effect size interpretation, this effect is considered strong. Finally, the results of this research may be used in the field of entrepreneurial business and sociology. The research findings show that based on Cohen's effect size, cultural attitude has a positive, significant and strong impact on the development of women's social entrepreneurship. The hypothesis of this research has been proven and cultural attitude has a positive, significant and strong effect on the development of women's social entrepreneurship. It is suggested that more field studies be done on the cultural variables and sub-variables of the Iranian society, various ethnicities, cultures and subcultures, as well as their impact on the development of women's social entrepreneurship. Also, effective ways to change cultural attitudes regarding the development of women's social entrepreneurship should be formulated and presented in the form of executive instructions. Generally, the results of many similar studies confirm the conclusions of the present study and indicate the positive and direct impact of cultural attitudes on the development of women's social entrepreneurship.


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