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Bad wardenic women are often people who always face very serious challenges in life, because the home and family environment, which should be a safe and supportive environment for them, becomes a traumatic and responsible environment for them. They face many personal and social problems that affect their relationships with their family members and the mental fatigue of the bad wardenic woman. Economic problems and negative social pressures should also be added to the issues affecting these women. But despite all these problems, some of these women are even responsible for taking care of their families. In most families, the father, as the head of the family, takes care of and manages the family. For this reason, in most definitions, the concept of fatherlessness and bad wardenic is defined as the absence of a father in the family, and his absence has a great impact on economic issues and family management. In Iran, due to the characteristics of the society, wartime incidents and natural and social events, there are a large number of desertion and bad wardenic women without sufficient support. In most cases, economic, cultural and social issues and problems in the lives of desertion and bad wardenic women are created for them due to the removal or weakening of the functional presence of their husbands, in the meantime, the economic problems of these women play a more prominent role in their lives and have caused that both desertion and bad wardenic women and their children are among the most vulnerable sections of society against social harm. Injuries that cause mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, obsession and aggression may also occur in them. The spouses of this category of women cannot assume the responsibility of living together; Therefore, bad wardenic women are forced to assume the dual role of being a mother and a father, and this role conflict, lack of security, and uncertainty are among the issues that cause social and psychological suffering for them. The current research aims to review and meta-analyze qualitative studies in the field of bad wardenic women in Iran.

Based on this, in the first step, all scientific research articles with keywords bad wardenic women, women with drug addict husbands, women with sick husbands, women with imprisoned husbands, women with unemployed husbands, women with criminal husbands in the period 2006 to 2021 from Jihad database University and Noormags citation database were extracted, which included 40 articles. In the following, among these 40 articles, some were removed due to the repetition of the topic, and 34 articles were selected to form the statistical population of this research for data extraction and selection and investigation related to " bad wardenic women".

According to the findings of this research, the studies in this field have two general directions, a group of them sought theoretical analysis and presentation of intervention models to identify the problems of these women and to reduce these problems by using these intervention methods. Another group has tried to strengthen the morale of bad wardenic women by increasing positive attitudes experimentally by considering different examples.

In the studies conducted on the issue of bad wardenic women, often in the field of psychology, efforts have been made to highlight the psychological issues and challenges that these women face and consider the field of activism of these women; Such as stress, anxiety, lack of anger control, lack of communication skills, low self-confidence and self-esteem. These researches showed that these mentioned mental issues are significantly high in bad wardenic women, which has caused the mental health and quality of life of bad wardenic women to decrease. Other researches in the field of psychology have also tried to investigate the effectiveness of different treatment methods to reduce harm and empower women in the field of mental health with treatment methods such as problem solving training, narrative therapy, group meaning therapy resilience training, empathy skill training, spiritual-religious psychotherapy and Teaching life skills in the individual field to show that these therapeutic methods can be effective in empowering bad wardenic women and can improve some of the psychological problems and mental issues of these women.

The review of the articles related to bad wardenic women in the field of sociology included only two articles that were conducted using a qualitative method.


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