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A Comparative-Historical Study of the Position of ‘Family’ in Feminist Thought and Islamic Viewpoint; with Emphasis on ‘Rules’

Qaesm Zaeri

Volume 10, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 5-36


  Feminist thought has always challenged the Islamic viewpoint. A majority of feminists believe that ‘family,’ is a source of oppression against women, and is essentially, the main way of reproducing male dominance. Part of the feminist argumentation, highlights itself through the form of criticism ...  Read More

The Role of Women in Sustainable Development of the Environment

Hossein Akbari

Volume 10, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 27-56


  oday, sustainable development, in most social and economic planning, is considered as one of the key concepts.The term "development," focuses on improving of the quality of life and promoting of the welfare of society, whilst "stability," refers to the continuation of this process throughout the generations ...  Read More

Women's Autonomy and Fertility Ideals Among Kurdish Women In the City of Mahabad

Hatam Hosseini; Belal Bagi

Volume 10, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 57-78


  Widespread changes in women’s roles in society, in turn, leads to their increasing participation in the social arena, therefore, by increasing women’s autonomy in different aspects of life, they are more likely to reach to higher positions and status than they were in earlier decades. This situation ...  Read More

Gender and Media: A Comparative Analysis of Impact of Gender on Media Usagein Iran-(Secondary Analysis of Survey of National Data)

Abdolhossein Kalantari; Hossein Hassani; Akram Alipour Darvari

Volume 10, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 79-99


  The objective of the paper is to analyzethe impact of gender on media usage, and the preference and precedence given to various types of this media and their contents, in Iranian Society. Most of the relevant studies concentrate on representation, reception analysis and on the norms of women’s favorite ...  Read More

Sociological Factors Effective in Women’s Civic Participation

Omid Ghaderzadeh; Hojatallah Yousefvand

Volume 10, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 101-126


  With respect to the importance of civic participation as the main index of social development, this research aims at studying the rate of female civic participation, and its categories, according to the conceptual apparatus of Putnam. The research was carried out by means of a survey, using a questionnaire; ...  Read More

Evaluation of Gender Equality in Iran's Educational System

Mohammad Atashak

Volume 10, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 127-151


  The aim of this study is the evaluation of gender equality in Iran's educational system, as it is regarded as being one of the most important national and international goals. An evaluative research method, along with a secondary analysis method of Iran's 2011 census analysis, have been employed for ...  Read More

Investigation of Empowerment Levels and Rate among Members of the Women’s Rural Association (A Case Study of the Tafihan Women’s Association, Shiraz County)

Naser Zamani Miandashti; Pouria Ataei; Nasim Izadi

Volume 10, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 153-172


  The empowerment of women has been widely acknowledged as an important goal in international development. The main aim of this study was to investigate empowerment levels and rate among the members of Tafihan Rural Women’s Association.Those who were subject to research consisted of all members of the ...  Read More