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Dimensions and Scale of Goal Realization of Gender Gap in the Third Development Plan
Volume 5, Issue 2 , November 2007

  International experiences reveal that promotion of gender equality paves the way for developmental achievements in a way that it ensures equal living standards and human rights for all individuals. Nowadays gender equality is not only one of the principles of human rights but is emphasized for alleviating ...  Read More

A Comparative Study of Indian-Persian Anecdotes in Classical Persian Literature
Volume 5, Issue 2 , November 2007

  Image of woman in literature is an important issue of Critical Feminism. It can be argued that literature is the society's mirror, but unfortunately this mirror has not yet reflected a beautiful image of woman. With some exceptions women are usually given a nasty and negative image. This paper is a ...  Read More

A Multi Criteria Decision Support System for Spouse Selection
Volume 5, Issue 2 , November 2007

  Making decision has become one of the most challenging responsibilities of managers in recent decades. Finding the optimum solution for multiple criteria decision making problems is complicated. Notably, Multiplicity of decision making indices accompanied by variability in quantitative and qualitative ...  Read More

Female Experience of War
Volume 5, Issue 2 , November 2007

  This article aims to analyze the imposed war between Iran and Iraq from a new standpoint. Here, we look at the war from the viewpoint of women who were involved in the war as nurses, doctors, or reporters and etc. They lost their homes and families, or even got armed and battled against enemy. Their ...  Read More

Mental and Physical Characteristics of Women and Their Role in Romantic Relationships
Volume 5, Issue 2 , November 2007

  Many poets have dealt with and referred to the subject of woman. Their attitude towards woman is affected by public perspective and their personal experiences. Having looked at descriptions related to relationship of man and woman in Ahmad Shamloo's and Nezami Ganjavi's poetry, this paper attempts to ...  Read More

Girls and Technical-Vocational Education (TVE)
Volume 5, Issue 2 , November 2007

  TVS have been established with different objectives, namely to prepare the grounds for guiding the students towards employment or providing opportunity for continuing their studies. However poor quality of schools, lack of required capacities in society, and various gender inequalities in labor market ...  Read More

The Pathology of Women Participation in Contemporary Iranian Society
Volume 5, Issue 2 , November 2007

  Contemporary Iranian society is transiting from traditional outlook to modern attitudes. Social chaos matched with behavioral and thinking chaos is characteristic of transition period. Political structure, as a part of society, alongside the juridical, economic and social structure is transiting from ...  Read More