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Sociological study of the concept of money for women in the family (Case study: Tabriz married women)

Jahangir Jahangiri; Vahid Kashafinia

Volume 12, Issue 3 , October 2014, Pages 325-344


  The main purpose of this research is to study the concept of money for women in the family, in sociological prespective. The case sudy of the research was Tabriz married women. In doing so, we have used Viviena Zelizer’s Special monies approach as theoritical framework. In order to ghather data ...  Read More

Women's Studies
Sociological analysis of narratives of women from prison after release

soheili sadeghi fasai; Zahra Mirhosseini

Volume 12, Issue 3 , October 2014, Pages 345-362


  Prison life experience is different despites individual differences, family, social and criminal prisoners, conditions and characteristics of them. This study was qualitative research findings from in-depth interviews with 20 women after releasing from prison. The prison puts women in a particular subject ...  Read More

Welfare and Planning
Skill-based empowerment of women workers: A qualitative study in Mashhad city hotels

Mohsen Noghanidokht Bahmani; Zahra Baradaran-Kashani; Mahdi Kermani; Ahmadreza Asgharpour-Masouleh

Volume 12, Issue 3 , October 2014, Pages 363-386


  Unskilled women workers, including hotel housekeepers, despite a major contribution to the quality of the facilities, usually have invisible and less known position. While good understanding of their situation and the factors affecting their job performance can significant gains in improving their living ...  Read More

Entrepreneurial self-efficacy and entrepreneurial intention: moderating role of gender

Rohollah Rezaie

Volume 12, Issue 3 , October 2014, Pages 387-404


  The main purpose of this survey was to study of relationship between entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial self-efficacy of agricultural students and test of moderating effect of gender in this relationship. The statistical population of the study contained all M.Sc. students in Agriculture Faculty ...  Read More

Women's Studies
A qualitative study of semantic implications women's sense of insecurity in public spaces

Omid Ghaderzade; Sara Khazaie

Volume 12, Issue 3 , October 2014, Pages 405-424


  This research seeks to explore and examine the semantic implications women's sense of insecurity in public spaces city of social interpretationism approach. In this study, data were collected through semi-structured interviews and GT is used to analyze the data. Using theoretical and purposive sampling, ...  Read More

Examine family/ work conflict in female- headed house holds

Amir Rastgar Khaled; Hajer Azimi

Volume 12, Issue 3 , October 2014, Pages 425-448


  Female- headed house holds as one of social harmful groups in front of various problems in life among exist conflict at family. The work roles cause doual roles which are important problem for wemen. In this research, effort to use from grounded theory method and done deep interview to 25 person from ...  Read More

Determinant of socio- demographic in increased of age at marriage

Zeinab Kavefirooz; Shahla Kazemipoor; Morteza Ranjbar

Volume 12, Issue 3 , October 2014, Pages 449-468


  The main goal of this study is the effectiveness evaluation of socio-demographic variables on increasing marriage age of working female students in University of Tehran. Using statistical method and questionnaire technique, 387 married female students have been participated in this study by cluster-sampling ...  Read More

Explaining effective factors on female’s psychological empowerment in information and knowledge services

Maryam Nakhoda; Samane Rahimian; Mohammadreza Esmaieli Givi

Volume 12, Issue 3 , October 2014, Pages 469-488


  The purpose of this paper is to identify and explain the factors affecting female’s psychological empowerment in the information and knowledge services. This paper is based on applied research and mixed method including descriptive and survey. First by using qualitative approach, for expanding ...  Read More