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Providing a choice Behavior Model for Luxury Consumers in Iran’s Cosmetic’s Market

Amir khanlari; Masoud Keimasi; Mohammad Saleh Torkestani; Iman Yaghoubian

Volume 17, Issue 1 , April 2019, Pages 1-25


  The purpose of this study can be divided into two parts. In the first part, the factors are identified that affect the consumer behavior and of cosmetics luxury goods in Iran's market. In the second part, these identified factors are turned into the model of the consumer behavior of luxury cosmetics ...  Read More

Women's Studies
The Relationship between Religiosity and High Risk Behavior in Single Life: A Quantitative Study of Yazd Women

Ahmad Kalate Sadaty; Hamid Hejazi; Elham Moradi Nezhad

Volume 17, Issue 1 , April 2019, Pages 27-42


  Living single in Iran has an increasing trend. Single life experiences for women can bring lots of hazards. The objective of this research is to address the relationship between religious believes and high risk behavior among Yazd women. In the current study, we have used theories of social pressure ...  Read More

Semantic Concept of Delayed Marriage Age Based on Grounded Theory (Case Study: Girl Students in Mashhad)

Shahla Bagheri; Javad Madahi; Tahere Lotfi Khachki

Volume 17, Issue 1 , April 2019, Pages 43-69


  Single life, increased age of marriage, a huge number of single girls over 30 years old, high number of single educated people and the public discourse marriage have convinced the scholars to consider these as social issue. The purpose of this study is to address the meaning and causes of delayed marriage ...  Read More

A Model for Sexual Deviant Behaviors of Teen Girls: Thinking on the Grounded Theory

Nafiseh Faghihi Moghadas; Fahimeh Momenirad; Saeed Sharifi

Volume 17, Issue 1 , April 2019, Pages 71-95


  Maturity is one of the most important stages of human development, and its developmental characteristics can cause various kinds of deviations and disorders. Girls, due to their experiences of physical and mental changes, enter the stage of physical and sexual maturity earlier than boys. Their problems ...  Read More

Challenges for Remarriage of Women with Children: A Qualitative Study

Rezgar Mohammadi; Zahra Mohammadi

Volume 17, Issue 1 , April 2019, Pages 97-119


  Marriage for the second time will be a big challenge if any of the man or woman or both have children. In this case, there will be challenging factors including various cultural, economic, traditions and beliefs and many other problems. Even the existence of a child will be one of the main reasons for ...  Read More

Women's Studies
Mothers' Experiences of Childcare Policy in Iran: A Phenomenological Study

Rahele Kardavani

Volume 17, Issue 1 , April 2019, Pages 121-145


  One of the most important issues in social service patterns, as the central place in status of gender in the welfare state, is the situation of women in the labor market, and in particular is the policy of childcare for working mothers. This is problematic topic in various aspects of the family and society ...  Read More

Welfare and Planning
Design of a Social Entrepreneurship Paradigm Model with an Approach to Empowerment of Female Household Heads, Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, Fars Province (Case Study: The Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation of Fars Province)

Reza Zare; Mohammad Safari Dashtaki

Volume 17, Issue 1 , April 2019, Pages 147-171


  It is generally accepted that women and girls are more vulnerable to the exploitation, poverty, violence and malnutrition than men. They have less opportunity for education and training. Social entrepreneurship gives women the opportunity to control their own destinies. It allows women enjoy greater ...  Read More