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Studying of Revision to the "Unveiling" (Kāshfe Hijáb) Law in 1941-1943 Based on Individual and Institutional Resistances

Ghasem Zaeri; fatemeh yusefinejad

Volume 17, Issue 2 , July 2019, Pages 173-192


  Abstract The policy of Compulsory "Unveiling" was implemented in January 1936 (Dāy 1314) as the official policy of the First Pahlavi Regime, and accordingly, women were forced to unveil by the police force. In September 1943, during the Second Pahlavi era, the government ordered to eliminate the term ...  Read More

The narrative of marital stability among married women in Kermanshah

Ahmad Ghiasvand; sara asadi

Volume 17, Issue 2 , July 2019, Pages 193-221


  The purpose of this study was to investigate the marital life experiences of women in Kermanshah. These women are the ones who have spent at least a decade of their married life together and are unwilling to divorce. The research method was narrative analysis and purposeful sampling was used. Finally, ...  Read More

Women's Studies
Idea and action in gender politics: an investigation in Iran’s experience from 1891 to 1941

abolfazl delavari; Elahe Sadeghi

Volume 17, Issue 2 , July 2019, Pages 223-255


  Although in general, politics in contemporary Iran have had patriarchal orientation, efforts and actions taken place regarding reforming women’s condition cannot be ignored. In this article, we have tried investigate the changes of orientations, factors and consequences of gender politics in Iran ...  Read More

Women's Studies
Conceptual model of women issue in the Discourse of the Islamic Revolution, A Case Study of Ayatollah Khamenei's thought system

atefe khademi; fateme taghizade

Volume 17, Issue 2 , July 2019, Pages 257-277


  Addressing the issue of women in the body of knowledge often takes a network of their problems, and the generated knowledge is generally focused on the issues of this stratum as a case. That is, we are always faced with a range of findings focused on personal, family or social issues in relation to women's ...  Read More

Women's Studies
Semantic implications of hookah using among Baloch women (A qualitative study in Damen village of Iranshahr city)

Behrouz Roustakhiz; Atiyeh Azarshab; Emilia Nercissians

Volume 17, Issue 2 , July 2019, Pages 279-301


  Unlike many previous studies that have been inspired by some kind of medical and pathological discourse to investigate the consequences of hookah and tobacco use on consumer’s health, the purpose of the present study is to understand the semantic implications of this phenomenon Among Baloch women ...  Read More

Comparison of the causal relationship model of gender roles of masculinity and femininity and family flexibility with Imposter by mediating Self-compassion in girls and boys

fatemeh farzadi; Ahmad Moradi; Naser Behrozi

Volume 17, Issue 2 , July 2019, Pages 303-323


  An imposter phenomenon is about people who have very high scientific and artistic abilities and abilities, but do not internalize these beliefs and achievements. The purpose of this study was to investigate and compare the causal relationship between masculinity and femininity gender roles and family ...  Read More

The lived experience of women survivors of self-immolation in Kohnani district of Kohdasht city

Rahman Bagheri; daruish rezapour; esfandiar ghafarinasab

Volume 17, Issue 2 , July 2019, Pages 325-348


  Suicide is one of the social injuries in various societies, which is done in a variety of ways; self-immolation is one of the most painful of these practices. The aim of this paper was to the lived experience of women survivors of self-immolation in Kohnani district of Kohdasht city, which during the ...  Read More