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Women's Studies
A detailed abstract of the representation of female identity in the cinema of the second Pahlavi era.

Mohammad Reza Ghaeminik; hoda mostafaei

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 12 March 2024


  The changes and developments of women's identity have been one of the most important issues of Iranian society after facing the modern western civilization. To understand these developments, we can analyze the developments that tried to establish social order. In the contemporary period of Iran, although ...  Read More

Towards An Improved Model of Women Entrepreneurship Based on New Approaches and Developments in Gender Studies

samaneh mansouri; Adel Peyghami; asemeh ghasemi

Volume 20, Issue 2 , June 2022, , Pages 258-235


  One of the reasons for the unsuccessful presence of women in the field of entrepreneurship is the lack of theorizing and the shortcomings in policy making. New studies in the field of new approaches compatible with gender dimensions in the field of women entrepreneurship have been presented for this ...  Read More

The Applied Model of Women’s Empowerment Development in Iranian Society: A Mixed Methods Study

fahimeh keshavarzi; babak shamshiri

Volume 18, Issue 3 , October 2020, , Pages 463-484


  The purpose of this sequential exploratory mixed method research of the type of classification is a formulation of a practical model for development of empowering mothers in Iranian society. In this regard, the qualitative purpose of the research is to explore the framework of applied components in the ...  Read More

Assaluyeh women's perception of corporate social responsibility : Ethnographic Study

Mohammad Taghi Iman; Mahta Bazrafkan

Volume 13, Issue 1 , April 2015, , Pages 1-22


  South Pars Assaluyeh region is one of the most heavily trafficked industrial regions in the Mideast. profoundly affecting the lives of local people, specifically women. The important issue that must be taken into consideration is the corporate social responsibility which, due to the presence of large ...  Read More

Analysis of gender structure of theoretical and Technical - Vocational high schools in the second and third developmental plans and its effect on the university acceptance of boys and girls

Farideh Maneshii; Raziyeh zohrevand; Faezeh Mashini

Volume 8, Issue 2 , July 2010

  Education is an investment to improve working ability and social activities of people. In the Iranian educational system, training of human resources (men or women) is done via theoretical and Technical - Vocational fields of study in the high schools. In fact the students’ future education and employment ...  Read More

The Role of Women in Muslim Countries’ Development
Volume 4, Issue 14 , September 2006

  Globally, today particularly in the developing countries, much attention is paid to how to achieve the goals of all-out development, that is sustainable and human development. This paper proposes the question that what role does women’s increased participation play in attaining sustainable development ...  Read More

Volume 1, Issue 7 , November 2003

  Empowerment is a multi-staged process in which women’s growing awareness of their inner needs and wants strengthens their confidence and ability to implement their goals. This research studies the factors related to women’s empowerment. The theoretical framework is women’s empowerment for participation ...  Read More

Volume 1, Issue 7 , November 2003

  Development experts have distinguished citizenship control as the highest form and degree of participation. In such participation, people have decision-making power in issues that affect their daily lives. The identification of variables that ensure women and men’s ability to control society’s affairs ...  Read More

Volume 1, Issue 5 , April 2003

  Development is the ultimate goal that any country attempts to achieve. The basic values of sustainable development lie on enhancing people’s quality of life leading to women’s and men’s empowerment. One of the ways that influences development of men and women is women’s equal access, equality ...  Read More