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Analysis of emotional divorce and its effective factors in married women of Tonekabon city

hadiseh ramezanifar; Alireza Kaldi; Bahram Ghadimi

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 167-191


  Dissatisfaction with married life, reduced intimacy and emotional distance between couples leads to emotional divorce. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to analyze the factors affecting emotional divorce and strategies to deal with it using the basic theory method among women in Tonekabon. Using ...  Read More

Comparative comparison of concepts of violence in gender, women, family research in Iran and developed countries based on the co-words analysis.

karimi Karimi; Somayeh Arab Khorasani; faeze tabatabai; mohammadreza Nasiri

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 193-221


  purpose of the present study identifying and comparing the thematic trend of concepts of violence in research on gender, women, family between developed countries and Iran in three time periods based co-word, network analysis, and science visualization tools. Methods: Bibliometrics methodology and social ...  Read More

Explaining the model of Institutional Proponents of Women’s Entrepreneurial Business success through the Mediating Effect of Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy (Studied Case , Entrepreneurial Women of Khuzestan Province)

farajallah rahimi; sara mohammadi; miad salami

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 223-242


  Entrepreneurship is a process that plays a vital role in the continuation of national growth and development and even the global economy. The improvement of entrepreneurship creates new economic opportunities and businesses in society. Today, evidence shows that women entrepreneurship, given that women ...  Read More

Academic Women and Conflict of Work and Family

Hamideh Dabbaghi

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 243-267


  The accumulation of multiple responsibilities of jobs and family roles poses conflicts for academic women. In this paper, we intended to answer two important questions about “What is the main features of academic women’s job? What are the most important conflicts experienced by women at work ...  Read More

Discourses and Narratives of Gender Justice Policy-making in Iran: Investigating the Causes and Directions of the Multiplicity of Programs and Policies

Nahid salimi; Seyyed Hosein Kazemi

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 269-304


  Being entangled with the political and social discourses and currents, the policy-making process for women and the family in the field of gender justice has faced high level of complexity in Iran. As a result, many fragmented and conflicting policies has been developed especially over the last two decades. ...  Read More

The synergistic leadership style of women and its effects on the development of sustainable human capital; By analyzing the mediating role of maturity level of employees' ability

Mohamad Hakak; hasan koolivand

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 305-328


  Today, in developing countries, women participate in higher levels of organizations is lower than men. Hence, the theory of synergistic leadership has a far-reaching approach to leadership that conceptualizes the presence of women in the leadership position of the organization as a factor of synergy. ...  Read More

Femininity and the Construction of Masculine Ideals: An Ethnography Amongst the Generation of the 1990s Men in Tehran.

Nafiseh Sharifi; Emilia Nercissians

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 329-349


  This paper bases on an ethnographic study on the sexual experiences of 15 male university students belong to the 1990s generation in Tehran. Through conducting in-depth and semi-structured interviews with men to understand their sexual experiences at an intersection with their socio-cultural, economic, ...  Read More