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The Creation of Eve in Quran and Tradition
Volume 4, Issue 4 , January 2006

  Eve the Adam's wife is the first woman that is mentioned in myths and narratives. The verses of the Quran do not explain quality of Eve's creation. Meanwhile some of traditions exist in early Hadith sources that consider Eve or generally women as being created from man or from certain limb (rib) of him. ...  Read More

Feminine voice in Iran’s Contemporary Literature
Volume 4, Issue 4 , January 2006

  This article considers literature with all its literary obligations as a narration of language and analyzes two generations of authors while focusing on the gender variable. In this research two pairs of literary texts within the period of forty years are analyzed using discourse analysis and speech ...  Read More

Sims Family: Beyond the Race and Gender
Volume 4, Issue 4 , January 2006

  This article deals with the social and family values in one of the most famous simulation games (The Sims) in the recent years. it is tried to answer some questions, whether, The Sims is a representative of social values of American society, and in particular, of the American Family. What is the cement ...  Read More

Women and Soap Operas
Volume 4, Issue 4 , January 2006

  The aim of this article is to study how women read, decode and interpret soap operas. The theoretical paradigm of this study is based on cultural studies. In other words, the theoretical framework is a constellation of the theory of hegemony (in Gramsci and Hall) and the theory of articulation (in Gramsci, ...  Read More

A Study on the Cultural Factors Influencing the Increase in Girl’s Entrance into Universities
Volume 4, Issue 4 , January 2006

  In most of the literature, the presence of women in universities is associated with the issue of occupation. In clarifying and explaining this issue the theories of economists on human resources are, often, used. However this article focuses on other aspects of this phenomenon, and evaluates the social ...  Read More