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Sociology of feeding
A qualitative study of meaning significances of sood and eating among women

Omid Ghaderzadeh; Ahmad Qolami

Volume 11, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 153-169


  Eating, as a way for Body Management reproduces a social function and meaning beyond itsbiological performances. Thus, it’s meaning has been transformed from a bodily need to afundamental element in expression and narrativeness of social identity and social positions.The main question of this paper ...  Read More

Evaluation of gender perspective in the design of urban spaces (Case Study: Shams Women Park of Tabriz)

Ali Goli; Shahrokh Zadvali Khajeh; Fatemeh Zadvali

Volume 11, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 171-188


  Women as half of the citizens, parks and green spaces reserved have been one of the maincenters and recreational facilities in addition to the health and psychological aspects. Thesustainable development and improving the quality of life of women in urban is evaluation ofWomen Park designing with appropriate ...  Read More

A study of relationship between religiosity, sex role attitude, attitude toward children and ideal and actual number of children

Maryam Soroush; Shole Bahrani

Volume 11, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 189-208


  The purpose of this study is to answer these questions: What is the ideal number of childrenfor married women and what is its relationship to their religiosity and gender role attitudes.To answer this question, the literature reviewed, and questionnaire among 400 marriedwomen in Shiraz distributed using ...  Read More

Identification and prioritization of the barriers of women's presence in oil industry's managerial positions

Aliyeh Kazemi; Afsaneh Dehghanpour

Volume 11, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 209-221


  In recent years, women’s presence has increased in society and in work spaces. Nevertheless,the rate of their promotion to high ranking managerial positions does not correspond to theireducational developments in most of countries, especially in Iran due to some barriers whichare different in different ...  Read More

Measurement the relationship between social networks and political behavior of male and female students of University of Isfahan

Seyad Javad Emamjomehzadeh; Zahra Sadeghi Naghde Ali; Reza Mahmoud Oghli; Reza Rahbar Ghazi

Volume 11, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 223-236


  According to the logic of 'weak ties' Partnership organized through links with a wider range of people causes of social capital among a group of citizens will increase. So it seems, increasing participation among people, ultimately leading to increased cooperative activities among them. While the impact ...  Read More

Sociology of feeding
The evaluation of eating disorders and its relation with emotional intelligence (Case study: the undergraduate female students of Tabriz University)

Mohammad Abbaszadeh; Mohammad Bagher Alizadeh Aghdam; Marziyeh Mokhtari

Volume 11, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 237-252


  Having the highest mortality rate among mental illness, eating disorders is one of majorconcerns of World Health Organization nowadays. So, the study with aiming to specify therelationship between eating disorders and emotional intelligence being known as a sociopsychologicalvariable is trying to explain ...  Read More

Informal social networks support and job satisfaction of married women (20-55) in Ardabil

Khadije Safiri; Sosan Bastani; Leila Ghorani Damdabaja

Volume 11, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 253-274


  The mail goal of the Present paper is to study the influence of informal social networkssupport on job satisfaction of married women using the direct effect of social support andDurkheimian anomie theories and Network analysis perspective. It has been performed usingsurvey method and questionnaire. Statistical ...  Read More

Factors influencing the decision making power of women in the family Sepidan

Akbar Zare Shahabadi; Roqieh Mandani

Volume 11, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 275-293


  Power is an important social variable in the study of the social structure, institutions, groupsand individuals considered to be a conventional relationship and family is no exception. Themain purpose of this article to review the decision making power of women in the family iswhite and its influencing ...  Read More